Getting Started

Good morning,

Happy Friday! We’ve probably all heard that “getting starting” is the hardest part of any task. That’s certainly been my experience.

Sometimes we have no choice – something just has to be done. However, on those occasions when we get to decide if something is worth undertaking, business coach Libby Gill offers two questions to help make the decision:

– Is it meaningful?
– Is it measurable?

In addition to helping us decide, the answers can generate motivation that helps us get started.

When you know it’s the right thing to do but you’re still having trouble getting started, focus on just one question:

– What’s the first step?

Let’s take that step – and have a sunny day!


P.S. “What is not started today is never finished tomorrow.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Think First.

Good morning,

Hopefully you get to enjoy a relaxing Friday! But if it’s not one of those days, this morning’s Sunny Note is all about staying cool under pressure.

From lost keys to business deals – hopefully we all have strategies to help ourselves perform well when the pressure hits. One of my favorites that I find indispensable in almost every situation is this:

Think first.

It doesn’t always have to be a big think. In a pressure cooker, often just a few seconds of thought can completely change our response from total panic to top performance.

Sometimes it can be as simple as telling oneself, “I can handle it,” before diving into the situation. Other times, substantial thought must be invested in identifying the solution. Either way, the key is to make sure that thinking comes first.

A basic technique I was taught years ago for handling media interviews is to repeat the question before answering it. Why? Simply to gain a few seconds to think, because once it’s out, you can’t take it back. The same applies in the presence of our family members, colleagues and customers, because although we can apologize, we can’t undo what we’ve said or done.

Happy thinking – and have a sunny day!


P.S. “Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.” Winston Churchill

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Act On The Answers

Happy Friday!

Today’s sunny note contains great advice from my colleague Steve Acho who has mastered the art of cutting through clutter to get at the most important points.

Here’s Steve’s straight-to-the-point advice for improving the overall quality of your life:

Set a monthly calendar appointment to ask yourself:
1. What one thing can I START doing that will have the biggest positive impact on my happiness, sense of fulfillment, and peace of mind?
2. What one thing can I STOP doing that will have the biggest positive impact?

Act on the answers!

Thanks Steve – and have a Sunny day!

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Accountability Counts

​Happy Friday!

A frequent topic of discussion this week has been the importance of accountability. Fortunately I find myself surrounded by people who share this value.

Accountability, as we define it at Sunny, is like reliability, but with greater emphasis on ownership; specifically, ownership of processes by making sure things go right, and ownership of outcomes by taking responsibility when things go wrong. Accountability requires full time:

Commitment to keeping promises.

Achieving this is sometimes difficult, especially when extraordinary measures are necessary to deliver on a promise. The good news for everyone is that those difficult steps provide an opportunity to demonstrate to others that they can rely on us.

We’re approaching our last chance to deliver anything promised “this week” so let’s be accountable – and have a Sunny day!


P.S. As Ralph Waldo Emerson reminded us, “What you do speaks so loud, that I cannot hear what you say.”

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Put Your Own Mask On Before Helping Others

Good morning,

Happy Independence Day! It’s Friday and a holiday weekend – that’s two reasons to smile!

I don’t know about you, but for me this week was full of ups and downs. I’m reminded of those signs on airplanes that say, “Put your own mask on before helping others.”

It sounds selfish but the reality is if you don’t take care of yourself you won’t be able to help others. This applies just as much in business as at home (or on an airplane).

Organizations with dedicated employees like ours become so focused on taking care of clients that we have to be reminded to take of ourselves and our own business. Sending bills and taking time off might seem selfish, but in reality clients are best served by prompt paperwork and fresh minds.

This sunny holiday weekend I hope you get to refresh yourself and remember – put your own mask on before helping others!


P.S. “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” Napolean Hill

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The Journey Matters Most

Good morning,

It’s Friday and that’s reason to smile! Most of us have big goals we’re striving to reach, and this morning’s Sunny Note is simply a reminder that although the destination is important:

The journey matters most.

In business and life, it’s easy to get so focused on the finish line that we forget to enjoy the race. Enjoying the race is especially important since some finish lines won’t be reached. We might change direction, reevaluate our priorities or simply not get there.

Inevitably, big goals involve big hurdles to overcome. That’s all part of the journey. Maybe we’ll reach the finish line, maybe we won’t. Either way, if we enjoy the race, compete with integrity and learn from the challenges along the way, then no matter what – we are winners.

Here’s to the journey – and a sunny day!


P.S. “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” Ursula K. LeGuin

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In Business, Keep It Simple.

Happy Friday!

Life is complicated, but not every part of it has to be. In fact, we often make things more complicated than necessary. That’s why as I’m wrapping up this Friday, I’m reminding us to:

Keep It Simple.

In business, it’s especially important to avoid over-complicating processes. Here’s a pretty common scenario…

A process gets put in place, perhaps with the help of an industry expert. The process is relatively simple. Results improve. The people involved in the process think, “Wow, this simple process is really helping. Let’s add these additional steps to make it even better!”

Unfortunately the more complicated process doesn’t yield improvement. Instead, results deteriorate and, lo-and-behold, it’s time to bring back the expert who tells us to get back to basics and, sure enough, reinstates a more simple – more effective – process.

Every industry has its “basics,” those core practices that contribute to success. In our own work, we most likely know what those basics are. The key is to stick with them. Focusing on improvement is good. But watch out, because complicating something is not the same as improving it.

When in doubt – KIS – and have a sunny day!


P.S. In the words of Frank Lloyd Wright, “‘Think simple’ as my old master used to say – meaning reduce the whole of its parts into the simplest terms, getting back to first principles.”

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Think Bigger

Happy Friday!

I hope you had a great week! Tomorrow is “moving day” for Sunny Media Group and as we relocate to a bigger office in our building, I’m reminded of advice from Les Brown, who said:

Think bigger.

It’s a simple and powerful way to increase personal and financial success. “You can do 10 to 100 times more,” said Brown. “You have the ability to do more than you can ever imagine. But the only way you can do this is, you have to have goals that will make you tremble.”

Yes, he said tremble. The hardest part is believing you can do it. Once you believe it, you can achieve it.

“It’s not enough to want something, we have to expect it,” said Brown. “‘Want’ shows up in conversation. ‘Expectation’ shows up in preparation, development and what you’re willing to invest in yourself.”

Let’s raise our expectations – and have a sunny weekend!


P.S. “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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To Finish First, First You Have To Finish

Good morning,

Happy Friday! Last Saturday after completing my first race (not first but not last) someone offered me these words of encouragement:

To finish first, first you have to finish.

We’re all striving to achieve goals in our professional or personal lives, and it’s a good reminder that there’s no shortcut to success.

To achieve anything we have to be willing to do the work, turn the laps, improve our technique, dust ourselves off and keep going no matter how appealing it is to quit. You might not love the first finish, or even the tenth, but keep trying and no matter how lofty your goal, you can achieve it!

Whatever your goal, keep striving – and have a sunny day!


P.S. “Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.” Pat Riley

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It’s Okay To Apologize

Good afternoon,

It’s Friday and it’s sunny! Two great reasons to smile. Plus, hopefully we’ll get to enjoy some sunshine this weekend…and a dry Saturday night for racing. Meanwhile, I’m reflecting on a fact that’s quite simple but sometimes surprisingly controversial.

It’s okay to apologize.

Strike that. It’s essential to apologize. However, you’ve probably noticed that as a society we’re out of the habit. Maybe it’s fear of lawsuits. Maybe it’s picked up from politicians who don’t want to claim the blame. Sure – none of us wants to admit we screwed up, but saying “I’m sorry” isn’t as scary as it seems.

In business when things go awry, business representatives too often skip the important steps of being empathetic and apologizing to the customer. Instead, they jump straight from listening, if they really listen at all, to trying to problem solve.

I’ll leave you with a handy little acronym I learned from customer service expert Robin Whitfield, who used it to articulate four important steps that should be followed – in this order – when addressing customer concerns, or anyone’s concerns for that matter: LEAP. Listen, Empathize, Apologize and Problem Solve.

Let’s LEAP to the challenge – and have a sunny day!


P.S. “Never ruin an apology with an excuse.” Kimberly Johnson, American poet and Renaissance scholar.

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